Tell Me Your Love Story

That’s the first thing you’ll hear when we hop on a call together.

From there, everything unfolds beautifully — and is built from the foundation of who you and your partner truly are.

Your unique stories help us create, plan, and execute a wedding day that becomes a chapter in your family history; a story passed down for generations.

We have a lot of fun — but we take your vision, and your budget, seriously.

We pride ourselves on being responsive to your dynamic needs. We work closely with you, and take a very personalized approach to your wedding.

From planting the seed of your vision, to the detailed plans, right through the smooth and seamless execution of it all on your wedding day, we’re in your corner for every step. Our relationships with our clients are close, warm, and trusting — because we care deeply about the people we work with, and the stories we create together.

here’s how it works


you can reach out to us by filling out our form here.


we’ll book a call.

During this chat, we’ll get to know each other, and we’ll learn all about your love story and your desires for your wedding. We’ll start piecing together all the elements you’ll need.


we’ll deliver your quote.

At Brilliant Events, we charge on an hourly basis. Our quotes usually start at 20 hours, which includes the full wedding day, a few hours for the rehearsal and meetings on the day before, as well as vendor coordination, timelines, and decor planning in the months leading up to your wedding.

To receive your personalized quote, let’s jump on a call.

we tailor our packages to exactly what you need.

Maybe you already have your plan in place and your vendors lined up, and just need someone to execute it all smoothly on the big day.

Maybe you have some rough ideas for what you want, but need some help filling it out and understanding what your options are.

Or maybe, you just want someone to understand who you are and what your vibe is — and then fully build out every elegant detail of your wedding, tailored perfectly to you.

Wherever you’re at, we can bring your vision to life with professionalism, precision, and warmth. Our goal is to keep you (and everyone involved in your wedding) on schedule, stress-free, and feeling fabulous.

here’s a little of what we do

Laugh at your jokes.  Keep you smiling.  Distract your mother, if requested. Bring you coffee.  Bring you champagne.  Bring down your nerves. Follow timelines like the law.  Make sure you and your family are served first. Straighten your tie and pin the boutonnieres. 

Put on your shoes.  Cue the wedding party.  Find your missing uncle. Prep the emcee.  Light the candles.  Offer you a mint. Hold your jacket.  Find the lipstick in your purse.  Bring you water. Carry your bag.  Make sure you eat.  Remind you to breathe. Style the tables.  Bring the gifts to your room.  Find the other missing uncle.

Remind you how to hold your flowers.  Hold your speech until you’re ready. Shut down the bar if the budget is met.  Amp it up if you want to add more.  Follow you on TikTok.  Put fires out before you smell smoke.  Be your friend.

Laugh at your jokes.  Keep you smiling.  Bring you coffee.  Bring you champagne.  Bring down your nerves. Put on your shoes.

Cue the wedding party.  Find your missing uncle. Prep the emcee.  Light the candles.  Offer you a mint. Hold your jacket.

Bring you water. Carry your bag.  Make sure you eat.  Remind you to breathe. Style the tables.  Follow you on TikTok.  Be your friend.

In all seriousness, we do all that and more.

We coordinate with your vendors, design your floor plan, style the event, and make sure everything is running on schedule. We chat with your officiant and coordinate the ceremony. We correspond with hair and makeup, and make sure everyone’s on time.

All you have to do is show up, bask in all the love around you, and be present for every moment of this beautiful day that opens a whole new chapter of your life.

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kind words

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kind words

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